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Better Apartment SEO for Your Website

Enhance your apartment marketing strategy with high-end, fast sites built with your apartment SEO top of mind — all at a fraction of the cost and time of custom-designed websites. Who said you can’t have it all?

Put Your Properties Front and Center

Powerful Apartment Website Designs at Your Fingertips

As with most multifamily properties with high lease-rates, a modern website that has the latest trends can make all the difference in online traffic. That is why we are setting a new standard for how easy and affordable apartment websites can be.

Remove the hassle and guesswork out of building and maintaining your websites once and for all. With Swifty’s premium apartment website templates, you can have the modern design you wish without any of the stress that usually comes with website updates.  

Need it swiftly? Our team can launch high-end apartment websites in a tight timeline so you can continue to lease up without missing a beat.

Plus, we know the multifamily market and resident expectations change frequently, which is why we developed 13 custom-designed pages you can easily turn on, then off, then on (again) based on your property’s needs.

Why Swifty is the Sweetest for
Apartment Website Design

The Triple Threat for Multifamily Marketing:
Speed, Affordability, Apartment SEO


You’ve got the need for speed, and we’ve got your solution. Our apartment website templates are already designed, which means your website is ready to go live quickly after adding your property branding and photography. Swifty can launch your modern apartment website in a flash; custom-designed websites can’t compare.


Our apartment website templates allow you to launch high-end designs for each of your communities at a fraction of the cost of a custom-designed apartment website. Our monthly subscription payment option gives your multifamily property the freedom to afford a high-quality design. With Swifty, less IS more.


Our team is constantly hard at work performing speed tests to ensure your apartment website operates at the highest efficiency. We all know how frustrating it can be when you land on a page and it takes too much time to load. Stop losing web visitors due to slow load time and engage them with your content immediately upon arrival.

Apartment SEO

Swifty’s apartment website templates are designed to improve your apartment SEO and generate results. Unlike competitor platforms, we focus on multifamily search engine optimization from the ground up and use the best practices to improve your apartment search rankings. With Swifty, you don’t have to spin your wheels trying to figure out SEO, we’ve already done it for you.


No muss, no fuss. At Swifty, we handle the backend management, which means you don’t have to worry about hackers, making updates, or fixing development issues. Plus, you can quickly place support tickets via our easy-to-use system, and our team will address any issues within 24 hours!


No more bumbling around with your apartment websites! You can use the same apartment website theme for consistency across all properties while interchanging the branding, photography, and font to make each site feel unique. You can also easily switch between any of our templates without losing any content or messing up any of your settings!

Support Desk

While our product is digital, our team is not! We show up each and every day for our clients just as you do for your property. Unlike our competitors, we provide one-on-one customer service to help you navigate your new website design until you know it like the back of your hand. Providing you with a high-quality website update is only the first step of our mission, our goal is to be your resource to rely on.

Content Templates

Multifamily marketers at the core, we know how important the content on your apartment website is — and how tedious crafting it can be. Comprehensive, well-written content is critical for successful property marketing, apartment SEO, and viewer engagement. To remove the stress for this process, we have developed content templates for you to use as a base for your website. With a few alterations based on your location, specific amenities, and branding, you’ll be good to go!

Custom Pop-Ups

Display the right message at the right time with Swifty’s custom pop-ups and apartment website banners. From showcasing leasing specials to announcing changes in your hours or services, we’ll help you create and implement pop-ups to get the message to your current and prospective residents. Discover the power of pop-ups to re-engage abandoning visitors, generate leads from your site, and convert new residents.


Unlike other platforms, our pricing structure is straightforward. Swifty is competitively priced at a flat rate of $197 per month, which includes dedicated support — we are always here to help!

Need us to make some updates for you? No problem! We’re ready to make unlimited text and image updates for you on the fly.* Maintenance of our sites is also included, so no more buzzing around aimlessly updating plugins or fixing development issues.

Case Study

What’s All the
Buzz About?

Swifty helped solve a challenge for NE Property Management with our apartment website platform that is used across nine of their communities. With our efficient templates and dynamic design, we were able to roll out nine apartment websites in a swift timeframe, allowing the NE team to increase brand recognition and drive qualified visitors to their site quicker.

Premium Apartment Website Design Themes

  • The Collective

    Swifty is at the epicenter of speed, consistency, and affordability, and The Collective is leading the charge as our first pre-designed template. The clean lines and contemporary design of The Collective make it easy for residents to navigate and receive the information they need to make a purchasing decision. Plus, the high-end design and large display areas for photography offer even more visual appeal to further enhance the user experience.

  • The Colony

    Elevate the online presentation of your property with Swifty’s sophisticated new premium theme –– The Colony. Inviting and eye-catching, The Colony’s simple structure yet exciting scroll creates a user-friendly exploration of what your property has to offer. Not to mention, how the light and airy layout leaves ample room for photography and descriptive text without becoming overcrowded. Current and prospective residents will delight in the easy navigation of this website!

  • Apiary

    Apiary has buzzed out of the beehive as our second pre-designed theme. Complete with a modern design, chic formatting, and an incredibly easy-to-navigate layout, this template is ready to bring in the honey. As always, our designs include large display areas, optimal for high-quality photography to showcase all the property features that make your community so great.

  • The Hive

    Get ready to “wow” current and prospective residents. The Hive pre-designed website template is optimized and ready to bring in leads! With beautiful design, a user-friendly layout, and dynamic details, The Hive is sure to impress renters. As always, our designs are built to showcase your property features with large display areas optimal for high-quality photography.

  • Swarm

    Say hello to the pre-designed website template that is going to help you drive more traffic to your website and add more resident tours to your schedule! With curved lines, dynamic shapes, and plenty of areas for high-quality photography and compelling content, The Swarm website theme is designed with apartment SEO in mind. The easy-to-navigate layout will make it easy for residents to find everything they need, including that “Take a Tour” Call-to-Action button!